Cover Brutter - Outta


Release September 22, 2023


New release: Brutter - Outta

Brutter continues with their deep dives into the endless possibilities of beat music. The duo has a gravitation towards headstrong bass drums and pulsating patterns that contain remnants of everything from dub to disco, from hip-hop to mechanical workshop.
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Podcast on Speaksome

Musician and composer fellows Håkon Stene and Matthew Shlomowitz have a very nice podcast going named Soundmaking. Following the release of Speaksome they kindly invited me in for an episode to talk a little about the album.
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New string quartet

November 27 saw the postponed premiere of the piece ‘In your study’, commissioned by the Oslo Quartet Series and beautifully performed by the Oslo String Quartet. The piece is published by Norsk Musikkforlag.
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